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Registration and Payment Plans
Child's Name

Trinity Academy
Nursery - Preschool - Kindergarten

A ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Trinity

The educational experience at Trinity helps each child recognize, appreciate and further develop his/her God-given potential. In addition to an age appropriate curriculum, Trinity Academy provides an enrichment of spiritual, social and emotional development. Small class size allow for one-on-one interaction between teachers and students.

Although Trinity Academy operates as a ministry of Trinity Lutheran Church, instruction is non-denominational and children of all religious backgrounds are invited and welcomed to attend. Chapel Services are offered once a week fro all classes.

Trinity Academy does not discriminate on basis of race, religion, illness, disability or country of origin, and operates in accordance with the Laws of the State of Pennsylvania.

Tuition and Fee Schedule

Registration Fee: $150/year. THIS FEE IS NOT REFUNDABLE.
Base Tuition: the tuition rate is competitive with other First-Class Christian Schools.

Schedule I

  • Plan 1: $3,050.00, payable on or before August 1st
  • Plan 2: $3,225.00 total, split into two payments:
    • $1,612.50 Payable August 1st
    • $1,612.50 Payable February 1st
  • Plan 3: $3,850.00 total, split into ten payments:
    • $385.00 due the1st of the month
      • (10 payments)


  • Plan 1: $2,850.00, payable on or before August 1st
  • Plan 2: $3,025.00 total, split into two payments:
    • $1,512.50 Payable August 1st
    • $1,512.50 Payable February 1st
  • Plan 3: $3,600.00, split into ten payments:
    • $360.00 due the 1st of every month
      • (10 payments)

Payments may be made by Check, Credit Card, PayPal, EFT and Money Order.

A discount is provided for active members of Trinity Church.


Please call the school office if you have any questions, 215-334-6656.